20161207_233502As founder and Owner of Dare Devil Society, Natonio’s passion is to drive the value of great food and spirits together with friends and family at home. His food and wine inspirations started at a fairly early age. As a youngster Natonio would take a sip of his grandmother Carolyn’s wine glass while she cooked in the kitchen. He would later name the drink “hachee”. Who would have known that was the start up  for his desires and palate.

Natonio was born in New York before moving to the sunshine state of Florida. Many of his inspirations came from eating out with family, studying Hotel and Restaurant Management at Webber International University, working for Walt Disney World, studying about all the intricate details with spirits, working with celebrity Chefs and Restaurant Owners, traveling to different wine regions and opening new restaurants. He was blessed to work with some talented individuals who he learned what to do and what not to do. One of Natonio’s motto’s is to “do what’s right”.

Natonio made Atlanta home for 12 years. There he worked for privately owned restaurant groups. The longest tenure was with Concentric’s Restaurant Group. The amount of restaurant business volume was insane in this market. This really helped his creative edge and helped build his over all vision.

Natonio made his way back to Florida after he and his wife got the 10 year itch. It wasn’t the easiest move but who doesn’t like the beaches of Destin? He saw Destin as a bit of the south and the best beaches in Florida.

After some thought the idea to start his own company really developed. Natonio came up with Dare Devil Society from a number of ideas. Think Dare Devil as a bit crazy, some super human senses mixed with a hero who unites the community. The idea of a service came from the rising costs it takes to make a restaurant run. It’s not what it used to be and who pays…….the Guest. We invest a lot in travel and our homes. Why not utilize these investments more? Dare Devil Society has no store front as of now. However a phase 2 and 3 are on the table now. The concept of no store front is to help keep his costs down for a saving to his clients.

Natonio shares a love for the oceans and wild life. He is determined to be part of  movements that help to make our earth a better place. You may likely see him picking up trash at a local beach or helping a beached whale (if one were to visit Destin).

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